5 “Weird” Ab Exercises For A Flatter, Firmer Stomach

By Jared DiCarmine On July 25, 2011 Under Exercise For Fat Loss

Hey there hope you’re doing awesome.

I’m just finished with my morning clients and a few funny things happened. I had her doing some abdominal exercises utilizing different variations of the plank and something hit me…

I realized that I have never ever seen any other trainer do these types of abdominal exercises with their clients. I don’t know why, but I’ve just never seen it.

Now there are many sides of the camp when it comes to abdominal training. Some say you need it, some abuse it, some don’t do anything at all.

I’m sort of in the middle. I believe you do need some sort of abdominal training but it does not have to be overdone like a lot of people do on a daily basis. I mean, there is just no need to be doing 1,000 crunches or sit ups a day. That does nothing for your core and abdominal strength. If anything, it increases your chances of herniating a disc in your lower back.

So what I wanted to do was give you 5 plank variations that I use with my clients on a daily basis. There are many more exercises that I have in my arsenal, but here are 5 that you can learn and work on starting today. These will increase strength through out your entire core, develop stability, and sort of “tighten” everything at the same time. You can do these exercises with any type of workout routine that you are currently following.

Stability Ball Planks

Stability Ball Planks

Just like a regular plank, except you are going to place your elbows on the stability ball instead of the ground. This is much harder than a regular plank because your core has to stabilize the ball the entire time.

Stability Ball Push Out Planks

Assume a regular plank position on the stability ball. The only difference this time is that you are going to push out the stability ball with your elbows on the ball and hold it out away from you as long as possible.

Back And Forth Planks

From the plank position, push forward on your elbows and come up on your toes so your center of gravity is forward. Try and keep your butt and lower back flat. Mine is up a bit in the picture because I was having some lower back pain that day. If you experience any lower back pain, try and hike your butt up slightly. Return to starting position.


Lay flat on your stomach like so with arms out to your sides. From there, push your body up around 1-2 inches off the ground really tightening your stomach and keeping your body straight. Hold as long as possible, then return back down to the ground to repeat.

Pushup Rows

Assume a pushup position. From there, raise one arm up and drive your elbow back while keeping your hips as perfectly still as possible. Bring your hand down and repeat with the other side.

And there you have it. Five goofy looking ab exercises guaranteed to make you sore the next day, but at the same time give you an incredible strong, fit, and firm set of abdominals.

Have fun!

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