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By Jared DiCarmine On May 4, 2011 Under Exercise For Fat Loss, Nutrition For Fat Loss

After you just had a planned cheat day, leptin levels are going to be through the roof. Your muscles will be topped off with muscle glycogen and your metabolism will be at maximum capacity. Because of all these variables, you MUST take advantage of these effects, especially the day after you cheat.

This is prime time for you to burn up some extra body fat that you wouldn’t have before due to your sluggish metabolism.

The first thing you need to be doing is fasting. By fasting the next day after a cheat meal, you give your body’s digestive system a break and a chance to relax so it can do it’s job and digest everything that you just ate.

You  might be thinking you’ll feel sluggish and really hungry, but that is just a myth. You’ll actually feel quite energetic and awake. In periods of starvation, the body releases higher levels of growth hormone, epinephrine and norepinephrine, those last 2 are the adrenal hormones.

No one quite knows why this happens, but one theory is that in times of famine, the body needs to be extra alert and have more energy to be able to hunt down and kill food. Makes sense to me since we aren’t really that much different from our ancestors hundreds of thousands of years ago.

For your exercise template, I want you to start off with weights before some non panting cardio. The amount of energy and blood flow you are going to experience through out your body is going to be awesome and addicting. The reason I want you to do weights first is because if you switched the order up, it’s possible your strength levels could be decreased from the cardiovascular exercise.

You’re going to be performing a full body workout consisting of 6 exercises done in a circuit fashion. Remember, this is just a rough template so feel free to add in and take out some of your favorites.

  1. Jump Squats x 15
  2. Pushups x AMAP
  3. Rows (the variation does not matter) x 12
  4. One Legged RDL’s x 15
  5. Mountain Climbers x 40
  6. Planks x 60 seconds

**AMAP – as many as possible

Feel free to subsitutue the jump squats with regular squats or leg press if you want.The numbers after each exercise indicate the amount of reps to perform. You are going to TRY and make it through this entire circuit in one shot. I then want you to rest till you gain your breath back and repeat.

Repeat this entire cycle 5 times then off to the treadmill or whatever way is convenient for you to do some cardio. I don’t want you to go crazy so keep your heart rate around 60% of your max. To get this number subtract your age from 220 then multiply by 60%. I prefer to just walk on a steep incline 15% grade at 2.3 mph.

Do your cardio for 30 minutes.

Now what’s possible with this whole cheating on your diet solution?

A lot!

This entire cheating on your diet idea I got from Joel Marion a few years back. He’s a cool dude and at the top of his field in nutrition. I was struggling with dropping some body fat and felt sluggish. Being curious I poked around and came upon some articles of his way back in the day about how cheating on your diet could help to reset your metabolism thus allowing you to lose more weight.

I tried it and never looked back.

It’s a solution to a problem you might have from over dieting, which can  bring your results and fat loss to a dead stop!

And besides, who doesn’t want to enjoy their favorite foods every 5th or 7th day? It’s your life and life is too short. You should enjoy it even while you’re on a diet. And that’s why I love cheating on my diet. It allows me to eat whatever food I want and crave while still burning body fat. Oh, and lets not forget I still can have a social life when I go out. Have you ever felt like dieting and being out with family or friends at dinner really messed with your mind? It sucks when people are trying to make you cheat on your diet and you have to resist that urge to give in.

Well guess what? You can finally give into that urge all you want. If it’s planned of course ;)

Now Joel has a program he put out that details everything about how to properly cheat on your diet along with 8 weeks of fat loss workouts laid out to take maximum advantage of each cheat day. It’s an exact step by step system that you can use to lose a lot of body fat in a short amount of time. I’ll be honest, I have not bought his product  because I know what works for me and my clients. I understand the principles and how my body reacts to certain changes.

But if you have a broken metabolism or stuck at an annoying weight loss plateau where it seems no matter what you do you just can’t budge that scale, then I would strongly recommend you check out his Xtreme Fat Loss Diet. It might be the perfect solution for you.

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet

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