Are Eggs Bad For You?

By Jared DiCarmine On July 1, 2011 Under Nutrition For Fat Loss

Are eggs bad for you?

To be honest, not really and it’s sad because eggs always get beaten down by people due to their high cholesterol levels.

The truth is eggs are extremely healthy for you and one of the best sources of protein and healthy fats on earth. Especially if you buy omega 3 enriched eggs.

The cholesterol in eggs will not affect your LDL (the bad cholesterol) numbers by any means. The only people that have to watch out and limit their egg intake are people with significantly higher levels of cholesterol. This is because their body naturally produces way more cholesterol than most people.

Now there’s even debate about whether these types of people should even go on cholesterol medicine drugs since some believe that is just nature at work and that’s how their bodies are. What’s especially important is if they follow a healthy diet. But that’s another matter all together.

Back to eggs…

One has to make the distinction between dietary cholesterol and serum cholesterol.

Dietary cholesterol comes from the food we eat. Serum cholesterol is the stuff our body makes. Studies show that for most people, consuming dietary cholesterol will not affect your serum cholesterol levels. This is evident in studies at the University Of Arizona by Dr. Wanda Howell where they found after 25 years that people who ate 2 eggs a day while following a low fat diet had no increase in cholesterol levels.

Another study done at Harvard found no statistical difference between eating 1 egg a day or more and a connection to heart disease with the subjects of the study.

The truth is that eggs are really healthy for you and a lo t of the vitamins and minerals found in eggs are only in the yolk. So by just eating the egg white, you’re throwing away all the good stuff found in the egg.

They are also an amazing and perfect protein source. So perfect in biological value that they are considered the gold standard when measured up against other foods.

I personally eat 4 eggs on most days of the week because they are cheap, taste great and healthy. I have my cholesterol checked yearly and never have a problem. I also want to point out that I exercise 5 days a week and eat healthy, consuming healthy fats from fish oil and olive oil most of the time. I barely have processed foods and limit my intake of sugar.

So are eggs bad for you? No not at all. They are in fact one of the healthiest and most nutritious sources of protein you can have on the planet.

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