Three Easy To Make High Protein Breakfasts

By Jared DiCarmine On November 4, 2011 Under Nutrition For Fat Loss

A high protein breakfast is definitely my favorite way to start the day. It was only until I switched to eating a mostly high protein and fat breakfast that I experienced a dramatic change in my physique, both how it looks in the mirror and how I feel in the morning. Carbohydrates are great and they have their purpose, but society as a whole just eats way too much of them, especially for breakfast.

The whole idea of eating two bowls of cereal with milk is disgusting now and wreaks havoc on your insulin levels and belly fat. In fact, I think that if a lot of people just changed what they ate for breakfast, they could easily see a big different in the way they look and probably start losing a few pounds each month from one simple change.

Now the purpose of this article is not to talk about any type of low carb diets or anything like that, it’s to give you some ideas for a quick and healthy high protein breakfast. One of my favorite high protein breakfasts for weight loss is a 4 egg omelet in the morning.High Protein Breakfast

A lot of people assume that whole eggs are bad for you, but they really are not. All of the vitamins and minerals in the egg are found in the yolk and it only has 1 gram of saturated fat which is pretty low. Yes, they do have a lot of cholesterol, but study after study shows that cholesterol intake, especially from healthy eggs does not have an effect on serum cholesterol numbers. In fact, a lot of doctors will tell you to eat as many eggs as you want a day as long as you have no issues with heart disease or cholesterol problems. I still I think they are airing on the side of caution, but they have to cause they are doctors.

With omelets you can get as fancy as you want. I personally like to throw in mushrooms, peppers, onions, ham, turkey bacon, and
sprinkle low fat or non fat cheddar cheese on top. The combination of all these ingredients will leave you feeling full, satiated and not bogged down like a lot of high carbohydrate breakfasts can do to you.

Plus you get plenty of fiber and cancer fighting nutrients from all of the veggies that you put into your omelet. You can’t go wrong because it’s the best of both worlds.

Another high protein breakfast that you can implement into your diet is with protein shakes. Protein shakes are great because they taste relatively good now days; they are quick, easy, and inexpensive. My favorite kind to use is casein protein which is the exact opposite of whey. Casein is much thicker in texture and digests much slower than whey protein which can leave you feeling hungry really quickly. With protein shakes you can blend up anything you want to put in. I usually like to throw in a few pieces of fruit such as berries and an orange with some coconut milk. Throw in a couple of ice cubes are you’re all set. It’s quick and easy and will definitely keep you feeling full.

Another high protein breakfast you can try out is regular plain Greek yogurt. It’s high in protein, low in fat and medium in sugar. However, you should get the one that is just plain; anything else has a ton of sugar in it. Now a lot of people might not like the taste of the plain so what I recommend is to put 1-2 tablespoons of dark cocoa powder in along with 1-2 tablespoons of Splenda. Mix it up and you have chocolate pudding. It tastes a lot better than the regular old plain style and you don’t add in many carbohydrates to the mix. Cocoa powder only has 3 grams of carbs per tablespoon and 2 of those grams are from fiber, so it’s actually relatively healthy for you.

All in all, a high protein breakfast is the best option in my opinion to start your day off just right. Stay away from all of those processed carbohydrates in cereals, bagels, and muffins and treat yourself to a nice big omelet. I guarantee this one little change will make an impact in your physique and how you feel.


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