How To Get In Shape Fast

By Jared DiCarmine On October 6, 2011 Under Exercise For Fat Loss

If you want to get in shape fast then you need to follow specific exercise guidelines in order to reach your goal. But don’t worry because it’s a lot easier than you might think. A lot of people tend to get overwhelmed in the beginning of an exercise program because they can’t imagine themselves being able to do all the things that they see other people doing. But make no mistake you can get there and will if you just follow a proven plan and put all of your effort into it. Remember Rome was not built in a day and neither will your fitness level, but it will be much faster to reach your end destination than it took Rome to reach it’s epitome of power.

If you want to get in shape fast, then I suggest most definitely following some sort of interval training routine where you take advantage of your body’s after burn effect. The reason for this is because this form of exercise is really intense. In fact it characterized as high intensity training. Since its high intensity in nature then it’s really going to throw your body out of a loop, but force it change and transform and adapt quite quickly. And this is what you want. Now I could tell you to just go on the treadmill and go for a jog for 45 minutes a day but that’s not really going to get you in shape fast. The reason for this is because of the mode of exercise. Steady state cardio, which is when your heart rate remains in an elevated state at the same number of heart beats per minute, is quite easy for your body to adapt too. Yes we want our body to adapt and get better, but not to this form of exercise. It’s slow in intensity and it has no carry over effect as compared to high intensity training with an afterburn effect.

Now what the afterburn effect is just another way of talking about your excess post oxygen consumption levels that are followed by
your workouts. Excess post oxygen consumption, also known as EPOC is when you incur an actual oxygen debt inside of your body from exercise. The more oxygen debt you incur, the higher your metabolism will be raised AND the longer it will be raised for hours after you finished your workout. IN fact some studies have shown that this effect can last up to 36 hours post exercise, which is pretty cool in my opinion. And that is another benefit that you get with high intensity training that you won’t get with steady state cardio. The mode of exercise needs to be intense enough and long enough in order to incur an afterburn effect; steady state cardio AKA jogging won’t accomplish this. The only way that this can happen with regular slow cardio is if you are a complete beginner and never did any form of exercise before. Then of course, your body won’t know what hit it and it will be totally thrown out of homeostasis.

So a perfect routine you can do is any form of interval training on the treadmill specifically and not on the elliptical or bikes because there is not much carry over effect to other forms of training. I personally do it manually if I’m on the treadmill and my favorite is to keep the incline up really high and alternate between fast and slow. So for my workout routine, I’ll keep the incline up at 15 degrees and alternate between 2.5 miles per hour, which is when I’m recovering and increase the speed up to 6.0 mph for the high intensity part. I would go for a 1 minute at the high intensity level and 2 minutes at the lower intensity level.

I would advise you to do this also since studies show that the slightly longer high intensity durations where you incur a lactic acid
buildup helps to increase your VO2 Max more as opposed to shorter sessions such as all out sprints.

Another way you can get in shape fast is by doing some form of interval training with weight bearing movements. A good example is doing any type of circuit training or super setting exercises alternating between the two for a certain number of sets. If you are going to go this route then I would recommend doing only free weight based exercises and big multi joint compound movements since they will give you the biggest bang for your buck, burn the most calories, increase your metabolism and force your body to change at the fastest rate.

A good example workout for this would be below:

A1) Front Squats x 6

A2) Pullups x to failure

A3) Clap Pushups x to failure

B1) Dead lifts x 5

B2) Tuck Jumps x 15

B3) Dumbbell Rows x 12 each side

So for all the exercises listed with the letter A next to them, you will do each one for the prescribed number of reps and the immediately move on to the next exercise right underneath it. You will go through each movement until you finish the amount of reps, rest and repeat the circuit 3 more times. The same prescription goes for the group of B movements as well.

So if you want to get in shape fast, I recommend some form of interval training with weighted movements like the exercise program above and any type of cardiovascular training that alternates between high intensity levels and lower intensity levels. The combination above will most definitely get you in better shape fast. Your body will have no choice but to adapt and change right before your very eyes.


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