Intermittent Fasting For Fat Loss

By Jared DiCarmine On July 5, 2011 Under Nutrition For Fat Loss

What is intermittent fasting you might ask?

Well I predict that it’s going to be the next big craze and fad throughout the entire fat loss and fitness industry. A lot more people will be writing about it on the internet so I wanted to jump in and give you a brief synapses’ of what it’s all about.

Intermittent fasting is nothing new. It’s been widely used for a long time now, but it just hasn’t been that popular. It’s been more of an underground thing as far as being mainstream is concerned.

There is currently only 1 product out on the internet that goes over intermittent fasting and how you can use it to lose pounds of body fat and or build pounds of muscle. It’s called Eat Stop Eat and it’s by Brad Pilon.

Another great resource is the website Lean Gains by Martin Berkham. He is a huge proponent of intermittent fasting and you can find out a lot about the topic from him. In fact, I learned a lot from him regarding this topic and how to use it on myself.

Anyways, intermittent fasting has to do with you fasting for a period of 14-16 hours before you have your first days meal. For women, Martin suggests they fast for 14 hours before having their first meal of the day and for men around 16 hours is just fine. You are to consume no food during this period. The only thing you are allowed to consume is coffee, water and diet soda drinks if you want. But I wouldn’t suggest that. Just stick to coffee and water.

Once the fasting period is over, for 8 hours, you are allowed to have around 3 meals. You will consume all of your day’s calories within this 8 hour window.

The first meal of the day should be your largest with it representing around 70-80% of your days total calories. This meal is supposed to be ingested after your workout which also should be performed in a semi fasted state. In fact, you should consume around 10 grams of BCAA’s before your workout to kick start the anabolic process. I personally consume a half of scoop or full scoop of casein hydrosolate before I workout in the fasted state. It’s chock full of BCAA’s, fast digesting protein and I added extra leucine  to the mixture.

Anyways, the type and amount of calories you are supposed to consume during your 8 hour period of feeding is dependent on your goals. If your goal is to build strictly lean muscle mass with minimal fat gain, then consume around 80% of your calories right after your workout. Also consume plenty of starchy carbohydrates during this along with lean protein. Try to keep the fat content minimal for the first meal.

You want to consume this large meal full of starchy carbs and clean protein with a ton of calories because your body is extremely insulin sensitive during this time from your workout and from your 14-16 fast.

For your next 2 meals, gradually lower the carbohydrate content and amount of calories. The 2nd meal will be higher in calories then the last meal.

To keep body fat to a minimum, on days you don’t work out, I would advise you to perform some sort of very low intensity cardiovascular exercise around 60% of your max heart rate in the fasted state. For your first meal of the day, swap out those starchy carbs with more vegetables and more fat. The days you don’t work out, there is no need to have so many carbs in your diet since you won’t need them.

If you’re trying to drop body fat, then for your first meal of the day, have a smaller amount of carbohydrates, more vegetables and more protein to keep you satiated. For the last 2 meals, have more healthy fats, protein and a ton of veggies.

It’s pretty simple when you look at it all.

So far I’ve been following this diet and haven’t had any problems at all. I have zero cravings for junk food because I’m so full at night, I feel satiated and I’m not starving while I workout.

Hunger is a learned response. Your body will signal a hunger response if it’s used to eating at that time of the day. That’s why I’m starting to get away from eating 5-6 meals  a day. The constant up and down of my blood sugar and hunger is annoying and troublesome. At night I was always craving food because I felt like I had to eat.

But now, I can stuff myself at night without worry.

And don’t worry about that stupid rule that you’re not supposed to eat after a certain time of the day. That’s false. Remember, everything is relative. You’re not going to get fat from eating a majority of your calories during the last half of the day as long as you go through with your 14-16 hour fast.

The body is extremely adept and can change it’s rhythms without a problem.

I suggest you try intermittent fasting. It’s a great way to lose weight, build muscle or just even maintain your current physique without having to worry about food, cooking all these meals, and having to deal with cravings.

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  1. Neil
    October 28, 2011
    8:57 am #comment-1

    Hi Jared, nice website and an interesting post. I too like the Intermittent Fasting lifestyle and can’t imagine going back to eating breakfast (even though I technically still eat it, just later in the day…). The results are amazing and the protocol is so easy to follow for most people. Good to see that more and more people are spreading the word about it, and gradually I think it will become less “weird” and more mainstream.



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