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By Jared DiCarmine On April 22, 2011 Under Exercise For Fat Loss, Nutrition For Fat Loss, Personally Recommended

So I’ve decided to open myself up more to you guys so you can see what I’m currently doing in my own training and diet regiment day in and day out.

First I want to say that I love to experiment on myself. This goes from trying different supplements, doing different training programs, or trying out different diets even if they are the cookie cutter ones like Atkins, South Beach etc…However, most of the time I just make up my own diets because I have the background but also I like to get all Dr. Frankenstein on myself.

So recently I got back from a trip from Panama City Beach Florida and let me tell you, if you have never gone, you should go! Absolutely beautiful and amazing. The beaches were huge, the sand was like white powder and the weather was perfect. I’m talking about 75 degrees each day and not a cloud in the sky.

Well anyways to make a long story short I went crazy down there. My makeup when it comes to food is I can be extremely strict or extremely crazy. I’m like a bulimic person. I can down pounds of food and not think anything of it. But then I can diet down and live off of nothing without a problem. And I loveeeeeeeee to eat. My favorite food is Italian hands down. Chicken parmigiana and penne vodka I can have at each meal and never get tired of it.

So yea, I went nuts down there and ate till my face was stuffed and drank Guinness like it was water. I love Guinness and it’s my favorite beer to have when I do drink. (Yes we trainers do drink from time to time). As you can probabaly guess, I gained some weight. About 8 pounds to be exact. Probabaly 5 pounds worth of fat, but the problem was that I didn’t stop when I came home. The Guinness was cut out because thats just not cool to be an alcaholic, but the eating did not.

I didn’t eat as much junk food since I came home, but I was just eating a lot of everything. If there was a little treat around I would eat it just because! Really stupid stuff. Ps, that’s a lesson right there for a lot of people. If it’s not in the house you are not going to eat it. So get rid of all the junk food.

About 2 weekends I go, I had enough of the over eating and decided that Monday it was back to the grind and back to dieting down to my pre vacation weight and look. My plan is to stay this way the entire summer. So I constructed one of my Frankenstein meal plans and exercise routines and off I went.

And so far I am quite happy with the results. This is what a sample of my daily eating schedule looks like.

5:30 a.m. Wake up and go train clients

8:30 a.m. Meal 1 – 1 Large Navel Orange. 1 Cup Egg Whites

10:30 a.m. Coffee

11:00 a.m. Meal 2 – 1 Scoop Carbohydrate blend (50% Rilose 50% oligodextrin) 1 Scoop Casein Hydrosolate

11:30 a.m. Hit The Gym 1 Scoop Whey Concentrate

2:00 p.m. Meal 3 – 4 Whole Eggs. Large Bag Of Broccoli. Big Handful Of Spinach. 2 Tbs Salsa

5:00 p.m. Meal 5 – 1 Pounds Of Chicken Breasts Grilled. Large Bag Of Broccoli. Big Handful Of Spinach. 2 Tbs Salsa

8:30 p.m. Meal 6 – 2 Scoops Of Micelar Casein Protein. 1-2 Tbs Organic Peanut Butter

10:00 p.m. BED

Since I really don’t like dieting for long periods of time and I don’t have a ton of fat to lose, I’m pushing my body to drop the weight as fast as possible. The amount of calories I am taking in compared to my body type, muscular weight and activity level is quite low. However, by having the different types of protein shakes at different times of the day and big meals towards the end of the day, I am staving off catabolism as much as possible.

The casein hydrosolate and carbohydrate blend are designed to be digested rapidly by the body. I want my insulin levels to be high therefore creating an anabolic environment inside right before I go to the gym. By NOT having any carbs after I leave the gym, my body can still be in a fat burning state. Once you introduce carbohydrates, your body will want to use that first for energy as opposed to fat, whether that be in the form of dietary fat or body fat.

The micellar casein protein is a protein blend designed to take a long time to be digested. Therefore, I have a steady stream of amino acids in my blood stream to help stave off catabolism. Basically, before you workout and during, you want to ingest stuff that can be uptaken quickly and for the rest of the day you want to eat stuff that can be digested slowly.

I tend to keep things in my diet the same because it’s just that much easier. I know the calorie amounts and what I’m putting into my body on a day to day basis. I really don’t count the calories that much in the broccoli and spinach because it’s mostly fiber and they get digested so slowly that it won’t raise my blood sugar at all.

Also, once a week If I’m feeling it, I’ll have a cheat meal. For 1 hour I will just completely pig out and eat whatever I want.

I only allow myself one hour, not a whole day like a lot of people do. By eating crap for a whole day, you could be sabotaging a whole week’s worth of dieting. By just doing an hour, the damage won’t be that much and you would be accomplishing your goal of re-setting your metabolism, increasing glycogen and sodium stores.

So after I have my cheat meal which is usually sushi buffet, chicken parmigiana pizza, Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby ice cream, the next day I’ll drastically cut my calories and only have protein shakes the whole day, nothing else. This is to give my digestive system a chance to rest and to take advantage of my kick started metabolism.

And there you have it. That is pretty much it. Since my calories are low for my makeup, I like to utilize different types of protein supplements at certain points during the day to make sure my body does not go into starvation mode and eat up my muscle tissue. That is really the whole basis of this diet. Drop fat fast, don’t burn muscle, and be able to look good in the end.

So in 2 weeks I’ve dropped about 9 pounds and I haven’t done a lick of cardio either.

If you have any questions let me know!

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  1. dominique
    May 3, 2011
    12:13 am #comment-1

    umm…just so you know…at the beginning of this you said “not a sun in the sky”….just sayin…

  2. nurse1
    February 12, 2012
    6:34 am #comment-3

    Just wondering what are some good food ideas for someone who works 12 hours on their feet. Most of my meals are grab and go and I dont have time to eat 6 times a day. Any suggestions?

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