How To Look Shredded Using The Shrink Wrap Effect

By Jared DiCarmine On October 14, 2011 Under Resources

There has been a lot of talk and rumors spreading about this so called shrink wrap effect and how it relates to looking ripped up and toned. The whole point of this article is revealing exactly what is being said and how you too can implement this neat little trick to look ripped, shredded and cut for as long as you want. It’s a pretty easy thing to do as well once you get the hang of it. Now where did this effect originate from? Simple, movie stars and the comic book heroes that they portray on the big screen.

This shrink wrap effect was first brought up by a guy named Rusty Moore. Rusty is not necessarily a trainer but more of a gym rat. He’s been involved in the fitness and health game for over 20 years so he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge. Through his experimentation, he’s come up with a sure fire method to getting that “extra lean” look and holding it for a long period of time as compared to fitness models and such who only look that way for 1-2 days for a photo shoot.

Now I have done the shrink wrap effect both ways without fail so it definitely works. I got a lot of comments and complements on my abs on the beach this past summer just from doing these things that I am going to outline below. Now the first way you can do it if you just want to look good on the beach or on vacation quickly for a few days are by manipulating your fluid, sodium, potassium and carbohydrate levels.

So let’s say that you want to look good 36 hours from now and you’ll be on a beach somewhere in a bathing suit with tons of people around. What you’re going to do the week leading up is to drastically cut your calories while upping your training volume with the weights. This is going to allow you to burn off any muscle glycogen that is stored in your muscle cells. Now as the week goes by, you’re going to look flat in the mirror. You won’t have that much of a pump in the gym and you’ll feel really sluggish and weak. This is okay since it will only last a few days. During this time you will be consuming a gallon of water each day while keeping protein intake high and fat intake low to medium.
The day before you’re about to hit the beach, up your water to 2 gallons a day and cut out every single piece of carbohydrate. What this is going to do is play with your body’s hormonal systems that control fluid retention an expulsion. By drinking so much water, your body will release water like it’s going out of style. The more water that is released the better. During this time you can also increase your potassium levels a little bit through supplements or take a mild diuretic like dandelion root to drop even more water. By losing a lot of water, your skin will inevitable be pulled tighter against your physique making you look more ripped than you really are. Right before you go to bed, cut out your entire water intake, you’ll notice throughout the night you’ll still be going to the bathroom so don’t worry about it because it’s normal. When you wake up, you are to consume no water at all, not even a drop. The only food you can eat is lean protein with dry carbohydrates such as rice cakes. By doing this, your body will super compensate and soak up all those carbohydrates giving you a dry and even more ripped look. Also the carbohydrates that you’ll be eating will soak up any last bit of water that you have underneath your skin. Feel free also to do a little workout to increase glycogen storage and really bring the veins out.

And that’s really it if you want to get this look for a few days and keep it. Gradually add water back into your diet and regular foods while on vacation.

Now the other way that Rusty talks about in his Visual Impact Muscle Building program is by dieting down to low levels of body fat, holding the condition and lifting heavy. Once you complete this phase, then you move on to higher volume training to build up your sarcoplasmic hypertrophy levels. This is when the fluid and glycogen surrounding your muscle cells increases and becomes larger. This is usually what you see with a lot of body builders in the off season who look puffy. But don’t worry about this because you’ll be a lot more ripped than they are.

And hey if you want a better explanation of Rusty’s shrink wrap effect, then click the link below now where he gives away a free video all about it.


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